Match will take place on the open-air shooting range, about 50 km from Tallinn, Estonia, right next to the Voose village. GPS Coordinates: 59.190398, 25.433957 (directions).

Organizer: 9MM MTÜ  – Member of Estonian Practical Shooting Region


Match directors: Jevgeni Travin, Sergei Sinjagin
Range Master: Vjatseslav Ivanov

Match description:

Match type: Level 2 Rifle match
Duration: Two days
Stages: 12 stages
Minimum rounds: 220
Reg. fee: 70 EUR (bank wire or cash at range)

Available divisions:

Semi-Auto Open
Semi-Auto Standard
Manual Action Open
Manual Action Standard

Payment details:

Bank name: Swedbank
bank account no: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
IBAN: EE842200221063299284

Available at range: Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Raincoats
Credit Card Payments Accepted at range!

Estonian IPSC Region official registration required – Click to proceed

Epicenter Rifle L2 Marksman Cup – 14/15.10.2017